みなさん, こんにちは! (Hello everyone!)

Welcome to my blog Manpig's Collection! This blog was originally created because I wanted to have a more fitting place to keep my Gunpla text reviews instead of posting them all on Imgur, as well as format in an easier fashion. During this time, I had also recently gotten into collecting other figures instead of Gunpla like Figma and Robot Damashii, so I decided to expand on what I got, and make this a general blog for my collection.

If you don't know me already, then you can call me by Manpig. I am a passionate figure collector/otaku who watches anime, builds Gunpla, and most of all, eternally collects an increasing amount of poseable figures. I've been collecting stuff since I was a small child, back then I used to collect transformers, but have since grew from them. Nowadays, I usually buy figures of mechs, my favorite characters from both anime and tokusatsu, and of course, tones and tones of Gunpla.

As of now, my blog only contains reviews of figures that I have collected so far, with a few extra random things but I eventually plan to expand and do more stuff with this blog. I've got thoughts on posting about minor Gunpla tutorials/tips and tricks, as well as events that I might've gone to (eg. expos). If you got any recommendations for something I could do that's related to figures, feel free to leave me a suggestion in the comments below, or contact me using the info at the sidebar.

As of now, you can go to the bar on the top and check out some of my figure reviews, I hope you have a good time reading up on my reviews! :D

Keep collecting!

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